Just because it is winter doesn’t mean you can no longer enjoy your outdoor space. There are many times during the colder months in Wisconsin when we have a day or more of unseasonably warm weather. When those days pop up, you will want to take advantage of some time outdoors in the fresh air and sunshine. Having your outdoor space ready for immediate use will make it more enjoyable in winter. Here are two items you can add to your outdoor space to make it immediately enjoyable during the colder months.



Is there anything more inviting than a warm glowing fire safely nestled in your custom home firepit? When the weather is clear and not too cold, a firepit is a fun way to enjoy your outdoor space in winter. Imagine loved ones gathered around roasting marshmallows, drinking hot cocoa, and having great conversations. With a firepit ready to be lit up at a moment’s notice, your house will be party central. Or if you prefer it quiet, you can immediately enjoy a cozy spot all to yourself. 


Firepits have several design options. They can be built above ground with a variety of stone types in circular, square, or rectangular shapes. Firepits can also be installed flush to the ground by placing a metal fire ring into a shallow hole. Line the top of the hole with bricks and surround the firepit with pavers to create a clean and level seating area around it. If you do not wish to install a permanent structure, you could purchase a free-standing metal firepit with a removable screen top. These portable firepits come in many decorative styles and can easily be moved to another location when you want to rearrange items on the patio. 


If you desire to use the firepit for roasting marshmallows and other treats, a traditional wood-burning style works best. If food falls into the fire, it will be consumed with the wood and the firepit should not be damaged. Designate a dry place to store cut firewood and lighter materials so that you can start the fire quickly. 


If your desired use of the firepit is solely for warmth and beauty, a gas-burning firepit can be turned on instantly with a switch. Gas firepits and fire features should be considered decorative gas appliances and not cooking firepits. To fill the gas firepit, you can choose traditional lava rocks or colored fire glass stones. Lava rocks are super-heat tolerant and evenly distribute fire heat. If you want to add color, sparkle, and sophistication to your gas fire feature, fire glass is a beautiful option. With fire glass, you can select a color to match your home’s décor or create an extra eye-catching feature. Gas lines and other necessary equipment for these fire pits and fire features should be installed by a licensed professional. 


Permanent Seating

High winds, snow, and rain can wreak havoc on outdoor furniture. To avoid damage, you may choose to store away outdoor furniture for the winter season. Suddenly we have two days of dry weather with sunshine, and you are eager to get outside. But there’s nowhere to sit, and who wants to spend time and energy pulling furniture out from storage and carrying it to the back patio? Here’s a great solution: install seat walls and benches for year-round weatherproof, permanent seating! 


Seat walls are constructed from stone and installed onto the patio as a permanent structure. Long, wooden benches are perfect for a wood deck and will also be permanently attached to the deck. Stone seat walls and treated wood benches can withstand whatever the winter storms bring. And when the sun dries up the rain and snow, these seats are already in place and ready for company. You will always have a seat ready for you to immediately enjoy the outdoor space. They can also be outfitted with decorative cushions that can be easily attached within minutes, creating clean and comfy seats. Seat walls and benches are perfect options to install around a firepit, making that spur-of-the-moment outdoor activity an instant success.


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