Your professionally installed hardscape from Createscape Landscaping Service can be enjoyed in every season, whether it’s walkways around the home or a large patio with a fire pit where friends and family can gather for parties. These kinds of hardscaped structures are extremely important and useful when the snow piles up because they serve as a safe walking path and solid ground. When everything is buried in white snow and ice, being confident that you have a safe place to step outside your home relieves concern. 

Patios and walkways are typically built using bricks, pavers, and natural stone. These materials maintain their beauty because they are durable and withstand the harsh Wisconsin weather. But hardscaping does require care and maintenance. Before you pick up the metal shovel that you use on the neighborhood concrete sidewalk in front of your home, here are a few things to know about caring for your hardscaping in winter.

Clearing and Caring for Hardscape in Winter

When the snow piles up, you may be eager to clear off the patio and walkways to keep access and travel open. Unfortunately, many readily available snow-clearing equipment can damage stones and pavers with scrapes, chips, and even breakage. We recommend that you use care when clearing snow and ice from your hardscape surfaces. Instead of a metal shovel, use one that is fitted with a plastic or rubber-edged scoop to avoid leaving scratch marks on your walkway or patio. 

Snowblowers can be fast and convenient but will damage pavers if fitted with metal feet. Instead, purchase a snowblower, or refit your current one, with plastic shoes on the adjustable gliders and the scoop edge. 

If you need to remove a section of ice, refrain from using sharp objects or hammers to chop the ice. You will run the risk of damaging the hardscaping surface or even breaking the stones and pavers. If you do break any pavers, be sure to replace or repair them in the spring to maintain the integrity and drainage flow of your patio or walkway.

A good deicer used properly can assist you in the battle with snow and ice. Choose sand or a chemical deicer that contains potassium chloride. Avoid using rock salt products or any deicer containing sodium chloride or calcium chloride. These chemicals can eat away at the surface, damaging the pavers and the surrounding landscape. 

Be sure to only use the minimum amount of product needed to loosen the snow and ice. Once the deicer starts to do its job, it is important to remove the deicer and not let it sit on the hardscape. When the snow has turned to slush, use your plastic shovel to clear it away. 

Hardscaping by Createscape Landscaping Service

At Createscape Landscaping Service, we design and install a wide range of hardscaping. We add beautiful, functional structures that increase the value and enjoyment of your home such as patios, walkways, stairways, retaining walls, firepits, and more. Whether you just need a simple feature added to your home or desire to create an extensive outdoor entertainment space, our professionals are prepared for the task. We can construct hardscaping during winter, so any season is a good time to build. Call or visit us online to learn more and get started on your project.