Spring is about to start budding which means it’s time to get your lawn into shape for the warmer months. Looking through your tool collection, or lack thereof, you may be wondering which tools are absolutely essential to get the lawn care job done. At Createscape Landscaping Service, lush lawns and striking landscapes are our passion. If you enjoy doing the yardwork yourself, there’s no need to break the bank to amass a large assortment of tools. Growing a beautiful lawn can be done with just a few essential tools. Here are four tools that are must-haves in your collection to help you in the yard.


1 Lawn Edger

The first lawn care tool that is a must-have in your tool shed is a lawn edger. You might think we would start with a lawn mower, but most often a professional landscaper will start with edging the sidewalk, driveway, walkways, and around hardscaping features. That’s because it defines the outline of the property features that will then be mowed. Edging work can be done super-fast, and it immediately makes a high visual impact on the look of an overgrown lawn. Whether you choose gas, battery, or electric-powered, or opt for a budget-friendly manual version, add this tool to your collection and start with it first when you tackle lawn maintenance.


2 Lawn Mower

Of course, a lawn mower should be in your tool collection, so it’s always worth mentioning. Unfortunately, we have seen homeowners who have tried to get by without a lawn mower and instead use a weed trimmer to mow the lawn. First, this is a long and tedious process with a very small cutting area on the head of the trimmer. But what’s worse is that weed trimmers shred the grass blades and damage the plant. Weed trimmers also trim the grass much too close to the soil. Using a weed trimmer can cause irreparable harm to your lawn, so we urge you to invest in a lawn mower. 


If your budget is small and you have many tools you need to purchase to care for the lawn, start small. Buy a modest-priced lawn mower and wait until you can afford something fancier. Shop for sales or check repair shops for refurbished mowers. The best deals from large suppliers are likely to come in the spring when stocks and demand are both high and when manufacturers are more likely to have seasonal discounts in place. The best deals from small retailers come in the fall when they need to make room in their limited floor space for fall items.


3 Pruning shears or Hedge Clippers

While you may be able to get by trimming your potted plant or cutting flowers using household scissors, there are many times when heavy-duty pruning shears are the only tool for the job. Unless you have large amounts of hedging to trim, choose the manual pruning shears for half the price. This tool comes in handy to trim small plants, shrubs, vines, and even thin tree branches.


4 Garden Hose

There will be times when you need to water a garden bed or the entire lawn. While you could use a bucket under the outdoor spigot and tote water back and forth, a lightweight garden hose will better accomplish the task. Choose the lightweight budget-friendly version until you determine how much use and durability you actually need before investing in more expensive models.


Professional Lawncare by Createscape Landscaping Service

Don’t want to invest in landscaping tools? Or maybe you don’t want to do lawn care work at all. That’s where we can help! Hire the landscaping pros of Createscape Landscaping Service for all your lawncare tasks! We are experts in creating the lush and green landscape you have been wanting for your home.


Our many lawncare services include:

  • Mowing
  • Weed Control & Fertilizer Applications
  • Disease & Insect Control
  • Seasonal Pruning and Clean-ups
  • Weeding
  • Mulch Installation
  • Aeration & Dethatching
  • Mosquito Control
  • Emerald Ash Borer Treatments


Call our office today or visit us online to learn more and get started on your lawn care with Createscape Landscaping Service.