When you are knee-deep in snow during winter, one thing you do not want to worry about is where to step when walking around the outside of your home. That’s where Createscape Landscaping Service can help! We have two great home improvements that will add value and enjoyment to your outdoor space in every season. These items will also be particularly valuable during our Midwest winters.

Hardscaped Walkways

A hardscaped walkway is a constructed path that enables an easy and safe walking passage from one location to another. Walkways help access areas such as a driveway, back door, a side gate, garbage cans, a water spigot, and the patio in the backyard. In winter, a walkway is especially helpful to keep your journey safe, and the dirt and snow off your feet. 

Some of the most common materials used to construct walkways are natural stone, bricks, and concrete pavers. These materials maintain their beauty because they are durable and withstand the harsh Wisconsin weather. Each material provides a different look, giving you many options to create a unique design that will complement your home and style. Natural stone includes granite, slate, brownstone, limestone, sandstone, and bluestone. Bricks come in several colors and can be arranged in simple or complex patterns to create eye-catching designs. Concrete pavers come in endless shapes, sizes, colors, and even textures. Each of these materials can be laid in artistic patterns to bring striking beauty to your home. If damaged, individual stones, bricks, and pavers can be easily replaced.

At Createscape Landscaping Service, we are experienced at constructing hardscape that works best in Wisconsin. Building walkways with these materials can allow for movement without breaking or becoming uneven as the ground shifts beneath them. Our walkways can be built to allow water and snow to drain into the joints and soak into the ground below. Spaces between stones can be filled with fine gravel or leveling sand to create a cohesive design and better drainage. 

Outdoor Lighting

You have invested in beautiful, durable, and highly beneficial walkways and patios. Now you can easily and safely move about your property. But what about during winter? When it gets dark early, and stays dark longer, your time to enjoy these spaces is diminished. It’s time to light up those dark walkways and patios to make them safer and allow you to enjoy them longer.

There are many lighting options available, and your choice will depend on your property and personal style. As you consider the options, take into consideration which ones will function best during the snowy and stormy seasons. For example, decorative hanging lights can add ambiance in addition to illumination, however, they may not withstand a windy storm. Other considerations include the power source for the lights. Walkway lights can be solar-powered, battery-powered, or run from professionally installed electrical lines. During winter, there may not be enough solar energy to power the lights.

Foot-level lights are always a top choice and come in endless styles and price points. These short lights are installed into the ground alongside the walkway. Foot-level lights can also be installed into the hardscaping of steps and along retaining walls. 

In the scenario that your property is covered in snow, here are a couple of other lighting options that might work well on your property. When lights are mounted a few feet up on a retaining wall or on the house, they can work well when the ground is covered in snow. Lamp posts illuminate outwards and downward, are durable, and can usually withstand wind and storms. Flood lights mounted on the side of the house can provide a great amount of light and be motion-activated. 

Hardscaping by Createscape Landscaping Service

We hope you found these walkway and lighting suggestions helpful. If you have questions about how to care for your hardscaping during winter, be sure to read our blog Cleaning and Caring for Hardscaping in the Wisconsin Winter. Our website blog also has many other helpful articles on various topics about landscaping.

Are you ready to install a new walkway or outdoor lighting? At Createscape Landscaping Service, we design and install a wide range of hardscaping and outdoor lighting. We add beautiful, functional structures that increase the value and enjoyment of your home such as patios, walkways, stairways, retaining walls, firepits, and more. We continue to construct hardscaping during winter, so any season is a good time to build. Call or visit us online to learn more and get started on your project.