It’s a new year, and life is very different from last January. With those changes, there are some new trends in landscaping for 2021 that were clearly born out of the challenges brought on in 2020. Last year there were stay-at-home orders, parents working from home, and students doing online school. Everyone spent a lot of time together in smaller spaces, and your outdoor space may have become premium real estate. These situations will continue well into 2021. So, it’s no surprise that one of the top trends for 2021 is creating an outdoor space that is an extension of the indoors.


Grab a cup of coffee and take time to reflect on how the outdoor space around your home was used by each family member last year. What could improve it? While you are at it, write down a few dream ideas too. At Createscape, we can turn your backyard into an outdoor retreat. Here are a few ideas to improve your outdoor space and how Createscape can make it happen.


Selecting Features

The best place to start is identifying your greatest needs and assessing the available space. Do you need a place for entertaining, outside dining, a study area, more room for the children to play, or a private oasis to relax? With social distancing and socializing in smaller groups in mind, you could transform that underutilized lawn into a living room, kitchen, dining room, and play area.


If privacy from your neighbors is important, you can achieve this with a trellis wall covered with plants. Gazebos and pergolas serve as multipurpose areas for entertaining, studying, or relaxing, and also provide privacy and shade. With limited travel right now, creating an oasis in your backyard that makes your home feel like an upscale resort can relieve cabin fever and the travel itch. Make your own home feel like you are on vacation all year round by creating a space that helps you de-stress every day.


An outdoor fire pit or fireplace creates an immediate option for warm, outdoor gatherings and extends the use of outdoor space into the cooler months. Imagine intimate gatherings around a warm fire as you roast hot dogs and marshmallows while having plenty of room for social distancing outside. If you are ready and the budget allows it, go big and build an entire kitchen. Installing TVs and audio systems bring final touches to the outdoor living room. Remember to include outdoor lighting in your budget, which will allow comfortable and safe use of the outdoor space, particularly during the winter months when the days are shorter. And finally, consider adding landscaping of trees and plants that will provide shade and privacy in addition to beautifying your lawn.


The Most Important Feature

The primary feature you will need is a hardscaped patio surface, which will be the foundation for building other features. Createscape Landscaping Services builds beautiful patios with pavers, brick, or natural stone available in various colors and designs. Natural stone includes granite, slate, brownstone, limestone, sandstone, and bluestone. Bricks come in color variations and can be arranged in simple or complex patterns to create an eye-catching design. The patio is both functional and pleasing to the eye when laid in decorative ways. Walkways will link those patios to doorways and driveways, and stone staircases help access graded land. Retention walls bring stability to sloped land and protect plants and flowerbeds.


Hire the Professionals

Lastly, it’s perfectly acceptable to start small. If your time and budget do not allow for a complete overhaul, start small by choosing one change that will produce the most immediate benefit. Whichever of the above features you desire, Createscape Landscaping Services can build them all. So when it’s time to start your project, contact the Createscape Landscaping Services professionals. They have served southeastern Wisconsin for over 25 years and will develop a perfect landscape design to meet your expectations, budget, and needs. Contact Createscape Landscaping Service today to get started at, or call us at (262) 662-0201.