The holidays are passing, and it’s time to celebrate the incoming of a fresh, new year. In the next week or so, you will take down the holiday lawn decorations and outside decorative lights and store them away for another year. Here are a few suggestions to make that chore easier and give you a faster start when you go to put them up next December.


If you loved the way you decorated this year, take a photo of the house and yard at night so you can recall how to assemble the decorations next year. Not only will this be a great memory when you scrub past it through the photos on your phone, but it will be a valuable reference for next year. If you feel that your house or lawn could have used a few more items to complete the design you had in mind, the post-Christmas sales are the perfect time to snatch them up. Pull up the photo on your phone when you are at the store to envision how the items you are considering purchasing will look with the decorations you used this year. The photo should help you compare, replace, and complement the decorations that will go together next year to complete your intended design.


Oddly enough, decorations never seem to fit back into the boxes they were purchased in, making it frustrating to figure out how to store them away. Home improvement stores offer an assortment of durable, plastic containers and products made specifically for storing holiday decorations and lights. Before you go to the store, make an inventory of items to store, such as the number of light strands, quantity and size of wreaths, and decorative lawn objects. Take the list with you to the store to ensure that you purchase the correct size containers and enough of them.


When removing lights from your landscape, get someone to help you. It will be much easier and less frustrating to remove lights from plants, shrubs, and trees with an extra set of hands. Take your time and go slowly and carefully to not break off any of the lights or plastic parts. Getting another year of use out the lights will give next year’s set up a faster start since you will not have to replace any items before beginning set up. Detach all light strands from each other. If you liked the order you connected the lights this year, tag the strands with numbers. As you take them down, prevent them from tangling by stretching them out and laying them out on the ground. This next suggestion is most key – use an extension cord wrapper to wrap the light strands. The cord wrapper keeps the lights tied up neatly and prevents tangling. 


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