With warmer weather coming more often and staying longer, it’s time to get your landscaping prepared for summer! At Createscape, we’re working hard to get your lawn looking lush and your garden ready to grow. Our guide to April Lawn Care in Wisconsin walks you through the steps to achieving a stunning yard this season. 


Clean Up


We always recommend doing a complete yard clean up before planting seeds or treating your lawn. Between winter winds and snow, and spring rain, there’s likely significant debris in your yard. Thoroughly remove built-up tree leaves, twigs, broken branches, and dead grass before they attract lawn pests or create a barrier for sunlight. Pesky insects and wildlife turn this debris into their homes, damaging your plants. Inspect your grass and trees for slugs, ants, and other insects that attack grass or impede lawn growth. The easiest method for cleaning up is using a rake over the entire area. This also opens your grass up, allowing it to breathe. 


Aerate and Dethatch


Over time, bits of grass die and build-up on your lawn and soil compacts. While a small amount of dead grass, known as thatch, benefits your yard, excessive patches of it act as a barrier from sun and water, both essential to flourishing turf. These patches weaken the healthy lawn and prevent grass from growing properly. Removing this thatch and aerating the surface allows fertilizer and water to penetrate to the roots of new grass. Aerating consists of removing plugs of soil from the lawn, which aids in loosening the compacted soil, allowing vital nutrients to reach the roots. 


Apply Weed Control and Fertilizer


Pre-emergent herbicides kill weeds before they surface. These weed controllers need to be applied before weeds take over your lawn. Post-emergent weed killers destroy weeds after they’ve appeared. Fertilizers consist of nutrients needed for plant growth and should be applied at the beginning of the growing season. Fertilizers work best when there are fewer fluctuations in temperature like hot summer weather and heavy frost. There are two ways to determine if your lawn needs fertilizer. The first is a sight test. Nutrient deficiencies leave your lawn with either a yellow tint or blue-purple hue, depending on what is lacking. The second test involves having a professional soil test. 


Createscape Landscaping Lawn Maintenance


The benefits of hiring a professional lawn care service company, like Createscape Landscaping, go beyond having someone else do the work. Although the time and work commitment are extensive, by hiring a professional you are receiving expert care done by a team of experienced, knowledgable lawn maintenance technicians. You’ll save money and have peace of mind knowing your yard is in the hands of specialists.

Our Landscape Management Service sets your home and property aside from all others. We create exceptional curb appeal which helps to increase the value of your home. Our strong commitment to superior service and extreme quality has solidified us as the Best Landscaping Company in Waukesha County and the entire Southeastern Wisconsin area. When you hire Createscape Landscaping Service to manage your landscaping, you’re contracting with the best in the industry.