At Createscape Landscaping, we offer landscape material for sale to wholesale and retail customers. Whether you’re looking to landscape your entire yard, replant your garden, give your flower beds a fresh look, or need a supply of wood for bonfires, we have the solution for you. Our topsoil, mulch, and firewood are available for pick up or delivery. In addition to selling landscape material, we buy yours! If you have a large pile of topsoil, greater than 1000 yards, contact us! We will strip your topsoil for FREE to take with us. 


Topsoil and Mulch

Our Topsoil and Mulch come in 1-22 yard loads. For your convenience, orders placed before 11:00 am on Monday-Saturday qualify for same-day delivery. We offer the following types of topsoil and mulch: Pulverized and Screened Topsoil, Field Run Topsoil, Tailings,  Hardwood Mulch, Brown Enviro Mulch, and Pine Mulch. 

Pulverized and screened topsoil mixes readily with compost and fertilizer, making it perfect for growing grass. Because pulverized and screened topsoil has been sifted (or screened) to remove roots, sticks, rocks, and compacted clumps, it provides a loose soil that is optimal for effortless irrigation and drainage. Pulverized and screened topsoil also works well in planters and pots, and gardening. Our pulverized and screened topsoil gets stored in a dry building.

Field Run topsoil is unscreened and taken directly from fields. It contains roots, rocks, larger clumps. Depending on where the field run topsoil is collected from, it may also have parts of corn husks or other crop matter. This topsoil acts as a deep base for lawns and gardens.

Tailings are the rocky mixture left behind after screening topsoil. Often used as a mounding mix for berms, tailings create shelves, raised barriers, or level spaces separating two areas of landscaping. Tailings help add dimension to your lawn and garden. 

Hardwood Mulch is the most commonly used mulch. It has a natural wood color and lasts long. Hardwood Mulch naturally repels insects and resists fungal growth. It discourages weed germination and erosion, while still retaining an appropriate level of moisture. 

Pine Mulch is similar to hardwood, but the color lasts much longer and they exude a calming aroma. This mulch releases natural acids as they break down, creating the perfect environment for plants that flourish in acidic soils like Camellias and Azaleas. Pine Mulch tends to stay in place during heavy wind and rain. 

Brown Enviro Mulch is chipped wood that has been colored with dye. This mulch holds color well and adds intensity to your landscape. Brown Enviro Mulch takes longer to decompose than natural mulches. 



We offer seasoned mixed hardwood and oak firewood by the face, full, or half cord. 

For pricing information or to place an order for mulch, topsoil, or firewood, call Createscape at 262-662-0201. 

About Us

Whether you need residential or commercial landscape design/build, landscape management, or topsoil and mulch, we can help! Our award-winning landscape design team serves the entire Southeastern Wisconsin area. We help bring your landscape vision to life.