Fall in Wisconsin is an ideal time for preparing outdoors for winter. The weather is still warm and dry enough that it’s comfortable to work outside. So, while the weather is still nice, let’s take care of a few tasks around the outside of the house. Here are two tasks you can complete this fall to protect your home and yard from the coming winter cold and storms.

Tree Trimming and Shrub Clean Up

Winter storms and heavy snowfall can take down dead or weak tree branches. In the best-case scenario, a downed tree branch can be a minor inconvenience or require clean-up during the cold and wet season. At its worst, tree limbs can fall on houses, cars, or other exterior structures, causing damage or even fatality. Before the snow sets in, it is important to check the trees that surround your home. Look for unstable or dead branches that should be removed. Schedule service from a professional tree trimmer and set aside time to work on the trees or shrubs that you can handle yourself. Remember to never trim branches near a powerline but rather always have a trained professional do the work.

For your smaller plants, shrubs, and trees in the yard, remove dead branches and dead plant foliage. In this process, you should only be removing dead branches that are no longer receiving nurture from the plant. Do not prune trees and plants in the fall because it will encourage new growth when the plant may be about to go dormant. 

Mulch the Gardens

Mulch has some great benefits to your garden during wintertime. During the cold season, it helps moderate soil temperatures and insulates plant roots, helping them survive the cold temperatures. It provides a warmer environment for earthworms, microbes, and other beneficial organisms. The warm soil allows these organisms to stay active longer into the cold season, which helps improve your soil. And as the mulch breaks down and decomposes, it improves the soil structure and adds nutrients.

The best times to mulch in Wisconsin are fall and spring. To ensure a healthy garden, do not mulch or compost diseased and mildew-laden plants. Apply a layer of mulch between 2 and 3 inches thick. If you are replenishing the existing mulch, remove as much of the old layer as possible first. 

If you need to stock up on the mulch you plan to use, Createscape Landscaping Service offers three types of mulch:

  • Hardwood Mulch – most used, natural color, and best in windy areas
  • Brown Enviro Mulch – chipped wood that has been dyed and holds color well
  • Pine Mulch – similar to hardwood, but the color lasts much longer and smells great

We sell from 1 to 22-yard loads, and if you place your order before 11 a.m. on Monday through Saturday, you can get same-day delivery.

Createscape Landscaping Service is Here for You in Fall

Createscape Landscaping Service is with you in every season. Your lawn, trees, and plants need special care to prepare for winter in Wisconsin. We offer valuable services such as pruning and clean-up, seasonal planting, mulch, topsoil, aeration, and more. We also continue to design and install hardscaping and landscaping designs throughout the winter months. To learn more about our services, visit us at createscapelandscaping.com or call us with your questions at (262) 662-0201.


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