You have invested in a stunning outdoor entertainment space that you are ready to share with friends. A
patio, firepit, outdoor kitchen, and more are just waiting for your next party. And if that event is planned
after dark, you will need the right lighting to make the space usable and set the appropriate ambiance.
Createscape Landscaping Service is here to suggest three great uses for outdoor landscape lighting.

Light the Way

Whatever way your guests arrive at the party, you will want to ensure they have a safe journey. That
journey starts with a well-lit walkway. It can be very scary and dangerous to walk around the house
outside in the dark, particularly if your land is graded. One missed step can send you tumbling off the
walkway and down a hill. Foot-level lights will illuminate those walkways to help everyone step safely.
Lighting stairways is crucial because shadows can play tricks on the eyes and confuse depth perception.
Walkway lights can be solar-powered, battery-powered, or run from professionally installed electrical

Other footlight options include permanent lights mounted into hardscaping and flat lights
embedded in the ground between steppingstones. Today’s technology has allowed a vast number of
path-lighting options. Talk to the professionals at Createscape Landscaping Service about the lighting
options we install that will work best for your home.

Mood Lighting

Most homes have a standard outdoor light mounted on the wall to light up the back patio or deck. And
while that light certainly serves a functional use, it falls short of setting the appropriate ambiance for the
outdoor entertainment space. Installing lights in your outdoor entertainment space will take your
parties to a new level. Think of placing lights at three levels – overhead, eye level, and foot level.

Overhead, a string of clear light bulbs across the patio immediately sets a festive mood that will draw in
your guests. Create pendulum lights by hanging lantern lights from trees. String lights suspended from tree branches or wrapped around tree trunks provide light in a decorative style. At eye level, lantern
lights set on tables or atop stone pillars and walls will project soft light that will not be blinding. Lanterns
can be battery-powered or filled with candles. Tiki oil-burning lamps create a tropical summer feeling
while bringing the excitement of live fire. Foot-level lighting can prevent guests from tripping off a
walkway, missing stairs, or trampling into flowerbeds. Low-profile walkway lights can be used around
the boundaries to designate the end of the patio.

These various lighting features will create a warm mood for entertaining while providing enough soft
light for your guests to comfortably enjoy your outdoor space. Use multiple low-wattage bulbs rather
than fewer high-wattage bulbs. Place more fixtures where you need more light, such as around the
outdoor kitchen. Space lights further apart where you don’t need as much illumination, such as in the
seating and conversation areas.

Illuminate the Landscape

Your guests have safely stepped into the party and the mood lighting has them feeling festive. But what
beauty lies beyond the boundary lighting? Now it’s time to show off your beautiful landscaping by
Createscape Landscaping Service with landscape lighting. Strategically placed spotlights throughout the
flowerbeds that feature your most prized plants and lawn decorations will show off your investment in
the yard. A few well-placed lights will accent the beautiful landscape design without interfering with the
ambiance you have set over the patio area. Having a few lit items in the outer dark spaces of the lawn will add visual interest and add a sense of comfort about what lies in the dark just beyond the boundary lights.

Light the Way with Createscape Landscaping Service

At Createscape Landscaping Service, we install outdoor lighting throughout every season in
southeastern Wisconsin. The licensed landscape architects will create a master plan that ties all the
elements together and fits within your budget. To learn more about our services, visit us at and then call us to discuss your project at (262) 662-0201.