When winter is in full snowfall, what colors do you see in your yard? Is it only white? If so, it’s time to install some color to bring interest to your landscape during the winter-white months. A good landscape design for homes in a cold climate should consider how to bring visual interest to it in winter. In the second part of our two-part series, we address how trees and hardscaping help create a beautiful landscape that stands out from the snowy white. If your landscaping leaves you cold and uninspired, here are more great suggestions from Createscape Landscaping Service to spruce it up for the Wisconsin winter.


Evergreen Trees

An Evergreen Tree is one that the leaves not only stay on but keep their color through all seasons. Some of the popular, green-colored trees include the Balsam Fir and the Canaan Fir. But Evergreen Trees also come in yellow (Fraser Fir and Gold Thread Cypress) and bluish green (Colorado Blue Spruce, White Spruce, Scotch Pine, and White Pine). These trees make a good landscape design because they are a focal point in the yard for every season. While their sturdy branches beautifully display a snowfall, their height raises your landscape design upward from the snow-covered ground. The color of the leaves still shows through the snowy branches, adding a touch of color to your landscape.


Evergreen trees planted along a border can define your property line. Tees can also designate areas that may be dangerous to transgress when covered by snow. One variety that works well for these functions is the American Arborvitae. While its growth rate is slow, it can reach a height of 40–60′ and a spread of 10–15′ at maturity. The narrow, pyramid shape makes it a natural choice for windbreaks. It requires almost no care when used as a hedge or screen. Pairs of these hardy trees make great accents for doors and garden gates, and single trees soften house corners.


For more ideas on evergreen trees that grow well in Wisconsin, check out our previous blog, “Celebrate the Season with a Tree” at createscapelandscaping.com/christmas-tree.


Focus on Bark

A balanced landscape includes plants and trees for every season, not just evergreens for winter. When choosing ornamental trees that come to life in spring and summer, consider trees that have visually distinctive bark. Deciduous trees shed their leaves in autumn, leaving their bare branches and trunks in full view. A few of these trees that offer outstanding winter color and texture are river birch, paperbark maple, dogwood shrubs, and birch trees. Paper birch is known for its pale white bark that peels back to reveal darker sections underneath. Yellow birch has golden bark that gives a pop of color in the snow.


When designing your landscape, remember to consider the height of the trees and plants. Choose varieties that are tall enough to stay visible during an average snowfall. Plant species that attract birds and other wildlife will bring a lively feeling to your home when it’s cold outside. For more help on these plants, read Part 1 of our blog on this topic, “Winter Landscaping – Plants and Ornamental Structures.”



The final touch to enhancing your winter landscape is hardscaping. These structures offer both visual interest and functional use. Some of these hardscape structures give height interest to your design, such as a fire pit, a seat wall, or a retaining wall. A firepit and seat wall offers a warm place to gather when entertaining in the cold. A retaining wall secures soil in place as snow melts and serves as a visual barrier where the land is sloped. Snow can be cleared from a colorful stone or brick patio to reveal a pop of color out of the white landscape. The stones used to build these structures are available in many colors and styles, making it easy to add color and texture to your landscape.


Design Your Winter Landscape

Use this winter season to critically assess your landscape and determine where it’s missing focal points. If you are ready to design a landscape that will stand out in the winter, then contact the pros at Createscape Landscaping Service. Our experts can determine the best trees and plants for your landscape, install them, and help maintain them. Createscape Landscaping Service continues to construct hardscaping during winter and now is the perfect time to build a patio, fire pit, retaining wall, and more! Call us at (262) 662-0201 or visit us online at createscapelandscaping.com to learn how we can create a beautiful winter landscape for your home. Get started with us now and soon you will be enjoying your new landscape.