It gets dark earlier in winter, making your outdoor space not as useful in the colder season. Inclement
weather can make it difficult if not impossible to access areas around the outside of your Wisconsin
house. So, if you do step outside your home during the darker hours of winter, there is one essential
hardscaping item that is a must-have for your property. Let’s talk about hardscape walkways for your home.

Walkways Create Safe Access

When it’s time to make a quick trip around the outside of your house, it’s then that you realize it would
be helpful to have a walkway where you are going. During the colder months in the Midwest, the
ground is likely to be wet, muddy, or covered in snow. It will certainly be difficult to get where you need
to go without getting your shoes wet and dirty. And when the ground is covered in snow, you must be
certain where you are stepping. You must consider what lies underneath the snow to prevent falling into
holes, trampling on plants, or tripping on something. A professionally installed walkway from
Createscape Landscaping Service can provide a safe and obstacle-free journey around the outside of
your home.

Walkways help access areas such as a back door, a side gate, garbage cans, a water spigot, and the patio
and entertainment areas in the backyard. A walkway makes the journey safe and keeps dirt and snow
off your feet. If your property has a range of elevations, steps can be included, making it possible to
climb and descend a hill. When you shovel and de-ice those pathways after a storm, you have a winning
solution for a safe traverse around your property.

Walkway Building Materials

When it is time to construct your walkway for your Wisconsin home, here are some of the most
common materials used. Natural stone includes granite, slate, brownstone, limestone, sandstone, and bluestone. These natural stones can be arranged as stepping stones in a simple design. The small spaces between the stones can
be filled with fine gravel or leveling sand to create a cohesive design.

Bricks come in color variations and can be arranged in simple or complex patterns to create an eye-
catching design. Brick is durable, easy to maintain, and can last for decades. It comes in a range of colors
and won’t fade over time. If damaged, individual bricks are easily matched and replaced without
drawing attention to the repair.

Concrete pavers are the modern version of traditional brick. Pavers are durable, require little
maintenance, and last for decades. Pavers are individual units that allow for movement without
breaking or becoming uneven as the ground shifts beneath them. Pavers also allow water and snow to
drain into the joints and soak into the ground below. A benefit of using pavers is the almost endless
choice of shapes, sizes, colors, and even textures. They can be laid in artistic patterns to bring striking
beauty to your home. If you select a unique style, consider buying extra pieces to store away in the
event you need to replace one.

Hire the Pros at Createscape for Your Walkway Project

In addition to creating safe access to areas outside, walkways add charm and curb appeal to a home.
And to achieve a true gain on your investment in your home, it’s important to have the work done professionally. At Createscape Landscaping Service, we install hardscaping throughout every season in
southeastern Wisconsin.

The licensed landscape architects will create a master plan that ties all the elements together and fits
within your budget. Createscape Landscaping Service is a full-service provider that will create the design
plan, help you choose the best materials, and professionally install your new walkway. To learn more
about our services, visit us at and then call us to discuss your project at
(262) 662-0201.