Spring will be here soon, which means the temperature will be warmer and the evenings outside much
more pleasant. It’s going to be a great time to light up your backyard firepit from Createscape
Landscaping Service. If you are searching for the best firewood to burn in your southeastern Wisconsin
firepit, Createscape Landscaping Service has your supplies ready. We offer Oak and seasoned mixed
hardwood by the face, half cord, or full cord. Our firewood for sale is ready for pickup or delivery when your
place your order with our office.

And if you are uncertain about what some of these firewood terms mean, here’s a quick explanation.
Knowing which woods are best to burn and how much you need will make your fireside gathering a
great experience for everyone.

Best Woods to Burn

The best wood to burn in your firepit, and even your indoor fireplace, is seasoned hardwood.
Hardwoods are dense woods that burn hotter and longer than softwoods. The best and most popular
hardwood option is Oak because it is a slow-burning wood. This means that each log will last longer in
your firepit. In Wisconsin, mixed hardwoods are also widely used and can consist of a mix of ash, maple,
locust, birch, and others. Like Oak, these woods produce good heat and burn slowly. Both Oak and
mixed hardwoods are ready for pickup or delivery from Createscape Landscaping Service.

Why is using hardwood better than softwood? Trees such as pines, firs, cedar, or cypress are known as
softwoods. These softwood trees are not good choices to use as firewood because they burn fast and
generate a lot of smoke. A smoke-heavy firepit is never fun to gather around, and having to constantly
add wood to the fire causes you to burn through your supply quickly.

Seasoned Wood

To get the best burning results from hardwoods, they need to be seasoned. When a living tree is cut
down it is loaded with sap and water. The freshly cut wood needs to dry out before burning. When
wood is labeled as “seasoned,” it means that it has been dried to remove as much moisture content as
possible. Sometimes it can take as long as a year to properly season firewood.

Burning unseasoned wood causes the fire to produce a large amount of smoke as it burns off the
moisture inside the wood. And if you use it inside your home in fireplaces and stoves, the smoke will
dirty your chimney and result in a dangerous build-up of creosote. Wet wood also pops, sending sparks
and debris into the surrounding area. Again, loud popping, flying sparks, and heavy smoke do not create
the ambiance you desire when gathering around the fire.

Createscape Landscaping Service sells seasoned firewood, meaning that we have done all the work for
you. Our timber has been cut and stored properly over time to dry and season it. We want to ensure
that our firewood burns at the highest quality in your firepit and fireplace.

Firewood from Createscape Landscaping Service

At Createscape Landscaping Service in southeastern Wisconsin, we sell Oak and seasoned mixed
hardwood by the face, half cord, or full cord. Your order can be picked up or we can deliver it to you.

Not sure how much firewood you need? The professionals at Createscape Landscaping Service can help
you determine the correct amount of firewood you should purchase. A full cord of wood is 128 cubic
feet, and measures 4 feet high, 8 feet long, and 4 feet deep. A half cord is 64 cubic feet, and measures 4
feet high, 4 feet long, and 4 feet deep. A face cord is one-third the size of a full cord and measures 4 feet
high and 8 feet long, but only 16 inches deep. For most homeowners, a face cord will provide the best
cut size of wood, making it ready to go right into your firepit or fireplace.

When you are ready to place your firewood order, or if you just have questions, call Createscape
Landscaping Service at (262) 662-0201. Learn more about all we have to offer for your home at