Are you enjoying the fabulous season of fall here in Wisconsin? At Createscape Landscaping Service, our business is the wonderful outdoors and making your outdoor space beautiful in every season. As we progress through the fall season, knowing what tasks are important to tackle outside will help you get started with preparing your home for colder weather. Here are a few things you can do this fall to prepare your outdoor space for the months ahead.


Take Advantage of Fallen Leaves

Leaves falling on your lawn are a helpful and free resource provided by nature. When used as mulch, they enrich your soil, lock in moisture, and protect your plants from the cold temperatures in winter. There’s no need to spend money on mulch when you receive it freely from the trees each autumn.


Rake up these fallen leaves from the lawn and flowerbeds and use a mulching mower to shred them completely. Removing leaves from the lawn will also help prevent insects and disease infestation. Spread a thin layer of the mulch on the lawn where it will decompose and feed the yard through the winter. Keep the layer thin so that it does not block air and water from reaching the ground nor lock in too much moisture. Clear leaves and debris from the flowerbeds and then mix the mulch into the soil and any other areas that need nutrients.


Clean the Gutters

In a properly functioning drainage system, water should flow from the roof down to the gutters, to the downspouts, and then away from the house. Falling leaves can easily collect in gutters and clog up the water flow. When heavy rains fall or snow melts on the roof, the water will not flow into or through the gutters. Instead, the water will be forced to flow over the side of the gutter, pouring onto areas along the sides of the house. During wintertime, clogged gutters can cause water to pool, freeze, and then damage gutters from the weight of the ice. Throughout the autumn season, make it a regular task to remove leaves and debris from gutters and check for proper drainage.


Trim Trees and Tidy Tools

Before the snow sets in, it is important to check the large trees that surround your home. Heavy snow, wind, and ice storms can bring down branches and damage your property. Check trees for unstable or dead branches and have them removed, hiring a professional if necessary. If the branches have grown too close to power lines, contact your power company and advise them of the situation. Power companies want to protect the lines and will often regularly trim trees to prevent storm and winter damage. Never trim branches near a powerline on your own and always have a trained professional do the work.


For your smaller plants, shrubs, and trees in the yard, remove dead branches and dead plant foliage. To ensure a healthy garden, do not mulch or compost diseased and mildew-laden plants. Do not prune trees and plants in the fall because it will encourage new growth when the plant may be about to go dormant.


Be sure to clean and dry your tools and equipment as you put them away. If you have an outdoor shed, organize items to make it easier to access them quickly if needed for a heavy storm. Consider having Createscape Landscaping Service install a stone or paver walkway to reach the shed and other areas around the outside of your home. A professionally installed walkway, which you can shovel or salt during the snowy months, will help you walk safely when the ground is wet.


Createscape is Here for You in Fall

We hope you enjoy the beautiful season of fall here in Wisconsin. At Createscape Landscaping Service, we are with you in every season and provide our landscaping services year-round. Your lawn, trees, and plants need special care to prepare for winter. We offer valuable services such as pruning and clean-up, seasonal planting, mulch, topsoil, aeration, and more. We also continue to design and install hardscaping and landscaping designs throughout the winter months. To learn more about our services, visit us at or call us with your fall yard preparation questions at (262) 662-0201.