walkways by createscape landscaping


You need to make one quick trip around the side of your house. But before you take that first step, what are you stepping on – grass, dry ground, or snow and mud? Walkways by Createscape Landscaping to help you get where you’re going would be so convenient! Known as hardscaping, building a walkway is a great outdoor home project to tackle in the summertime. And with more time being spent at home this particular summer, now could be the perfect time to build that much-needed walkway. Here are some things to consider when constructing a path around your home.


Before Getting Walkways by Createscape Landscaping, It’s Important to Examine Your Outdoor Space

Where do you need to go? Take a walk around the outside of your home and consider the areas you access the most. Consider which areas are critical to access quickly in an emergency or safely in inclement weather. Perhaps you need to get to the garbage cans, a back door, side gate, or a water spigot. A walkway makes your journey safer, easier, and keeps dirt and snow off your feet. If your property has a range of elevations, steps can be included, making it possible to climb and descend a hill.


If you have landscaping that you do not wish to have damaged, walkways by Createscape Landscaping allows people to move through your property without trampling your plants. Keeping feet off your lawns and out of plant beds will reduce soil compaction. A defined path may be particularly helpful in the winter when a snow-covered property can make it difficult to determine exactly where landscaping features lie. A stone walkway can be shoveled and DE-iced to keep the path around your home safe and clear.


As the coronavirus pandemic continues, you may be staying at home more and relying on deliveries. A clear and safe walkway to your front door will make it easier for delivery drivers to drop off those groceries, packages, and pizzas.


Hire a Professional

Consider hiring a professional landscaping company that does both hard and soft scaping. A hardscape won’t last long if it is improperly built. A professional will meet with you at your home to examine the yard together and discuss how you want the finished product to look. Design possibilities are endless, but a professional helps you determine which one best complements your home’s style. A professional has the expertise to both design and properly install the walkway. They know how to connect it with the existing landscaping and home features. And if needed, they can provide additional landscaping to enhance or blend the new and existing features into a seamless design.

A professional will consider ways to ensure proper water drainage so that the soil does not erode and cause the hardscape to crumble. They will take precise measurements for size and shape, suggest the best building materials, and provide an estimate. And if you have an idea that won’t quite work, they will be knowledgeable enough to suggest other options. The size, style, and look of the hardscape should complement your home and not overpower the yard’s size.


Choose the Right Materials and Layout

Part of the design layout includes choosing the building materials. Some of the most common walkway materials are natural stone, concrete, brick, and gravel. Natural stone includes granite, slate, brownstone, limestone, sandstone, and bluestone. Bricks come in color variations and can be arranged in simple or complex patterns to create an eye-catching design. Stepping stones and solid pavers can offer a less complicated design and be arranged to form a simple walkway. Gravel stones always have the risk of being washed away and are not as safe to walk on as stepping stones or a solid path. As you design the course of the path, avoid too many curves, which may lead to people taking shortcuts across your lawn.


Hardscape Walkways Provide an Excellent Return on Your Investment

In addition to creating safe access to areas outside, walkways add charm and curb appeal to a home. An unexpected bonus is its return on your investment. When it is time to sell, strong curb appeal increases the sale price of your home. Depending on the quality of the landscaping, property value can increase as much as 20 percent.

There is still plenty of time left this summer to design and build. Serving southeastern Wisconsin, the professionals at Createscape Landscaping Services will develop the perfect landscape design to meet your expectations, budget, and needs. Contact Createscape Landscaping Service today to get started.