Spring break, Spring cleaning, and Spring forward. But how about Spring landscaping? It’s that time of year again when the trees and plants start to bud and send a notice that warmer days are coming. It’s time to Think Spring! This year if you desire to go beyond plants and flowers and update your landscape design with features you can enjoy year-round, we have some great ideas. Here are some options from small to large to fit any budget, style, and space.

Trellis and Pergola

For the garden, a free-standing trellis creates visual interest and a place for vining plants to grow. Paint it a striking color to stand out on your lawn in every season. A trellis also works great against a wall to create visual contrast while still providing the same benefits to plants. If you want to go large, consider building a pergola. These wood structures can create partitioned spaces for your lawn much like rooms inside a home. Go natural wood or paint it in bright or dark colors to suit your taste. A pergola rising over a patio set with relaxing chairs and tables designates a gathering place. A pergola elevated on a deck creates a place for special events or a private spot for meditation and quiet reflection. Any way you install it, a pergola is an eye-catching feature that draws you to it.


Stone benches offer a comfortable spot to sit and rest near flowers or a water feature. It could become a place where you retreat to either have a quiet moment to yourself or refresh your creativity for work. A great benefit of stone benches is that they are durable in the weather and rise above the snow-covered ground in winter to maintain that visual interest in your landscape. Because of their weight, stone benches do not need to be permanently attached to the ground or patio, which means that they will safely endure storms. It also means that if you desire a different location for the bench, you can always move it!

Other kinds of outdoor benches are constructed with wood and iron. These benches can be purchased at a home and garden shop often already fully assembled. Some of these benches are lightweight, but other styles are heavy enough that you may not worry about them when storms come. Either way, they are portable so you can move or store them away. And with weather-proofing paint or varnish on them, these benches can also withstand the seasons.

Fire Pits and Seat Walls

If you desire a warm and inviting outdoor entertainment spot when the weather is cool, use the sunny seasons ahead to design and install a fire pit or seat wall. Even fire pits come with several design options. They can be installed below ground or built above ground using bricks or stone. Some firepits are free-standing portable versions made of metal. Firepits can be constructed in various shapes and sizes, such as circular, square, or rectangular. The design styles of these stone fire pits range from traditional wood- or charcoal-burning pits to modern gas-fueled pits filled with colored rocks and lined with decorative tile. 

Seat walls and benches provide permanent, sturdy and durable seating around a fire pit or in your patio area. These seating structures can be made from stone or wood and are built to last. While chairs must be stored away during severe inclement weather, a seat wall or installed bench is a permanent structure constructed to withstand the elements.

Patios and Walkways

A patio and walkway allow you to enjoy your outdoor space more often without getting your shoes dirty. Convert a bit of your green space outside your back door to a patio or deck. It can be whatever size your home and budget will allow, and in any shape or layout that suits your style and yard. A stone walkway will help you get around the outside of the home by creating a clean, safe, and stable footing for every season. For patios and walkways, there are multiple choices when it comes to the hardscape material. Choose between pavers, bricks, stones, or a combination. All the materials come in numerous colors, styles, and patterns.

Start with Asking the Pros

Whether you are ready to make just a few or even many changes this spring to upgrade the look and enjoyment of your property, it’s easy to get started. Call the design professionals at Createscape Landscaping Service. We will come to your home and assess your landscape to offer suggestions, explain options available, and even create a complete design plan. Createscape Landscaping Service can install everything you need to create your desired landscape. Reach out to us today at (262) 662-0201 or visit us online at www.createscapelandscaping.com to learn more and get started on your project.