There’s nothing quite like the site of a new fallen layer of snow magically transforming your backyard into a winter wonderland. If only it snowed in just your yard, and not on driveways, sidewalks, roadways, etc. Sadly, when it snows, it goes everywhere. At least there are better, more proficient methods of snow removal today than in years of old. Snow blowers and snowplows have made winter life easier. But before you head to the hardware store to pick up the latest model, you have a decision to make.

Which to purchase? Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons involved with both snowplows and snow blowers.

Snow Blowers

When you want to clear out all the snow on your property, efficiently and quickly, there’s nothing quite like a modern-day snow blower. Depending on the model, they can operate on a gas supply or electricity. They come in multiple sizes, power levels, and can throw snow in almost any direction you desire. So, what are the pros and cons?

Snow Blower Pros:
• Depending on your individual needs, there is a wide range of models from which to choose.
• For easy maneuvering, today’s snow blowers have been designed to be extremely lightweight.
• No matter if the snowfall amount is high or low, snow removal is efficient and relatively easy.

Snow Blower Cons:
• For both warranty requirements and reliability, annual or routine maintenance is required.
• Be prepared to spend some money! An added expense, but necessary for operation, are extension cords or gasoline.
• You may have extremely limited storage options so a large, awkward machine may not be practical, or even a possibility.


If you have a lot of snow to move, you may opt for the maximum snow removal method – a snowplow. Plows can be mounted on trucks, tractor/lawnmowers, whatever will support the weight of the plow and successfully drive it through the snow. This is an extremely demanding request, however. And it can take a toll on the vehicle pushing the plow. That said, let’s check out the pros and cons.

Snowplow Pros:
• Compared to snow blowers, heavier and larger amounts of snow are handled easily.
• The effort needed to operate a snowplow is minimal.
• Chances are, you already own the vehicle to which you will attach your plow.
• As snow removal goes, this is one of the most efficient and fastest methods in existence.

Snowplow Cons:
• Maneuvering can be a problem unless the area in question is exceptionally large.
• As far as vehicle operation is concerned, there are specific regulations and rules that must be adhered to.
• Once again, storage space comes into play, but even more so than with a snow blower.

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