Fall is right around the corner! Soon we’ll start enjoying cooler weather, football games, and pumpkins galore. The cool Autumn weather also presents the perfect opportunity to do our favorite thing – yard work. By following our September Landscaping To-Do List, your landscaping work will persevere throughout our brutal Wisconsin winter and allow you to start enjoying your yard sooner when Spring comes back around. 


Fall Clean-Up

september landscaping to do list

Weeds and fallen leaves present the perfect home for insects and pests to hide out in for the winter. Rake regularly throughout the month to prevent infestation and disease. Give special attention to flower beds and gardens. Remove dead branches and foliage. Remove debris from gutters and check for proper drainage. Check trees for unstable branches and remove them before heavy snow and wind turn them into a hazard. Do not prune trees and bushes in the fall. Pruning promotes new growth, which will not be strong enough to withstand our harsh winter weather. 


Tend the Garden


Removing tender bulbs, rather than allowing them to die, makes planting easier in Spring. Dig up the bulbs and replant them in containers. Store them in a cool area such as a basement or garage. Water them about once per month. Cut back overgrown or crowded perennials so the roots have time to spread before the first frost. Divide and plant spring bulbs now to ensure a beautiful spring bloom. 

After you’ve collected your final harvest, til your vegetable garden. Fall tilling improves drainage and gives you a headstart come Spring. Apply a layer of compost or fertilizer now so it has time to break down and enrich your soil all winter long. Cover your bed with plastic to protect it from the elements, especially if you have a raised bed. 


Preventative Lawn Care


Aeration helps roots grow stronger and deeper, producing a healthy, lush lawn. To aerate, perforate the soil. This creates small pockets that allow water and air to penetrate roots. It also speeds the rate of thatch decomposition and increases the effectiveness of fertilizers and weed control chemicals. 

Fertilize! Fertilization reduces grass damage in winter and promotes an early spring growth. It provides nutrients to the soil and energy to grassroots in chilly weather. Roots store food throughout the winter, giving grass a boosted growth spurt next season. Applying a pre-emergent weed killer with the fertilizer prevents fall weeds from growing. 

A few weeks after applying fertilizer, give your lawn a final, end-of-the-season mow. During this mow, set your mower to the lowest height setting (1 ½-2”). This prevents disease infections and snow mold. Tall blades smother new grass and turn brown during the winter. Continue to water your lawn throughout September. 


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