If you have wished the grass was greener on your side of the fence, it really is possible to make that happen this summer. You may have wondered how your neighbors grow such a beautiful lawn. The secret is that it is not just one thing, but a combination of lawn care maintenance, that put together, results in the masterpiece. Here are some tips for growing a better lawn if you prefer to do your own lawn care. Rather than becoming overwhelmed by the whole project, start by tackling one task at a time. Remember that grass growth and development take time, so be patient and trust the process.

De-thatch the Lawn 

Thatch is a layer of dead grass, stems, and plant material that lies on top of the soil. Removing the thatch allows air, water, and nutrients to reach the soil again and helps the lawn drain. A minor build-up of about a 1/2 inch is easily removed with a thatching rake or a vertical mower. If you have an excessive amount, such as 3/4 inch or more, it can be removed using a core aerator or vertical mower, which you can rent. Excessive thatch can be caused by acidic soil, too much fertilization, or pesticides. If you have an ongoing problem with too much thatch, having your soil tested may provide some answers on what you need to do differently this year.

Aerate the Lawn

The soil gets compacted when the grass is walked on by pets, children playing, or routine mowing. This compaction makes it hard for roots to take in air, nutrients, and water. Aeration is the act of punching holes throughout the lawn to about 3 inches deep to loosen the soil and relieve the compaction. It can be done with an aerating machine, or for smaller lawns, by hand with an aerating tool. Aeration helps water, air, and nutrients penetrate the lawn bed to stimulate root development, which results in a thicker, greener lawn. Additionally, beneficial soil organisms such as earthworms will be able to penetrate the soil and help reduce thatch build-up.

Water Deeply and Less Often

For the healthiest lawns, water the grass deeply and less often. This causes the roots to grow deeper into the soil resulting in grass remaining green even during drought or extremely hot weather. It also gives grass the strength to compete with weeds and diseases. Water the lawn with one inch of water approximately once a week, depending on the amount of rainfall you receive. Water in the morning and under calm wind conditions to prevent evaporation. When grass is watered in the evening and remains wet overnight, it is more susceptible to disease.

Get Help with the Maintenance

While we appreciate every homeowner who works to create a beautiful lawn, we understand that not everyone has the time, tools, and physical ability to do lawn care maintenance. At Createscape Landscaping Service, we can do all of this for you! We offer aeration and dethatching in addition to other services, including mowing, weed, disease and insect control, fertilizer applications, seasonal pruning, mulch, and much more. 

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