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When it comes to lawns and landscaping, Old Man Winter is no friend! It can wreak havoc on even the most well-coiffed yards and backyard scenery. But some steps can be taken to protect your shrubs, trees, and plants from winter temperatures, winds, ice, and snow.

Let’s take a look at some late winter landscaping suggestions

Removing Mulch And Transplanting

Sometime after mid-March/April is a good point at which to begin removing the mulch you placed around your trees and shrubs to protect them against winter conditions. It’s also an excellent time to think about transplanting shrubs and trees. This is because they are still in their dormancy state. Of course, you’ll have to wait until the ground softens, but pencil this in on your calendar.

Weed Control and Fertilizer

You will see that March/April is the perfect time for executing all sorts of late winter landscaping, and the application of pre-emergent weed control is no exception. It’s also the ideal time, before they leaf out, to fertilize shrubs and trees because ornamentals such as crab apples and Euonymus are susceptible to various scale species.

While on the subject of fertilizing, this is a good month during which to check for diseases. If required (disease is detected), spray with the appropriate, recommended product.

March/April Is Also for Pruning And Cleanup

Spirea, roses, hydrangeas, and other summer-flowering shrubs, before fresh growth spurts anew, should be pruned. For healthy spring growth, pruning is essential.
And since you’ll have to clean up after pruning, it would be the perfect time to launch other spring cleanup projects as well. Some of these could include the following:

  • Remove accumulated winter debris and deposits
  •  Rake up twigs and leftover leaves
  •  Edge flower beds

Depending on your climate, some individuals take this time to add a fresh layer of mulch to their flower beds.  And before you know it, new growth will emerge, so cut back your perennials and ornamental grasses ahead of time. Landscaping

Don’t Count March Out Just Yet!

If you hurry, there may still be time to get some late winter landscaping in before April. If not, the first week of May will suffice.
If you plan on doing any spring plantings, dig those containers out of your storage shed and garage and get them all cleaned up and ready to go.
And though your flowering shrubs and trees will be pruned in April, March is not too early to prune berry plants, grapevines, and fruit trees. This way, you can spread out the work and not feel overwhelmed.

And Winter’s Biggest Threat – Salt Damage

Depending on where you live, salt damage may be an ongoing struggle all winter long. But trees and plants can be harmed by melting agents and salt used against ice and snow. These winter staples tend to draw water away from the roots of your trees and plants, even in winter. Use plenty of water, whenever possible, to flush out the soil, thereby ridding it of extra salt.
And remember for next year, before the first freeze, fertilize and aerate. Granted, your frozen lawn won’t need the nutrition. But as soon warmer weather starts up, there will be available nutrients from which your grass can draw for a healthier start to spring.

Hire a Lawn Service

Of course, Createscape Landscaping Services would be happy to take all the bother out of late winter landscaping by doing it for you. We service all of southeastern Wisconsin and are capable of meeting your landscaping needs – be they commercial or residential. March, April or any other month of the year, you can count on us for Lake and Pond management, mulch, topsoil, and much more.