hardscaping vs softscaping

Spring has finally arrived! Homeowners are cleaning up their winter-ravaged yards – raking autumn’s left-over leaves, picking up broken branches brought down by snowstorms, and thinking about adding colorful flowers and plants to their landscape.

But what about adding a brick patio, stone walkway, or a retaining wall in the back yard? This is where hardscaping vs. softscaping come together.

Examples of Hardscaping

Hardscaping is the man-made way to improve the aesthetics of a back or front yard. It’s often used in areas where grass and plants have difficulty growing (under the shade of large trees or near fences) or where residents would like to add an outdoor entertainment area or more dimension to their landscape. Many homeowners choose interlocking courses of brick in various patterns and colors. Less complicated hardscapes can be created by using a single line of patio stones to form a simple walkway.

Hardscape Construction

When constructing hardscaping, it is essential to allow proper water drainage. Water needs to drain into the softscape and not back under the hardscaped areas because this can cause soil erosion causing the hardscape to crumble. Also, wooden decks or large vertical features should not be placed directly on top of or into the soil, as this will cause wood rot. Your hardscape won’t last long if improperly built.

Water and drainage are important points to consider. If water ends up pooling on stone or wooden features, it can erode at best, or cause backups in the sewer system, in the worst-case scenario. It is vital to hire a reputable hardscape contractor to help you design the right plan for your yard.

Hardscaping vs. Softscaping

Consider hiring a company that does both hard and softscaping to assist you. They will help to create a balance in your landscape. A professional landscape company has the expertise to connect the areas that have stone, brick, or wood with the flower gardens, bushes, and other plants throughout the yard. A respected professional will be sure to create features to drain the water away and yet keep the entire yard looking beautiful.

Don’t forget about staying balanced as well. An oversized deck or huge stone walls and walkways can overpower a tiny yard, flower garden, or small home. A professional company will keep that in mind when designing something for you. On the other hand, hardscaping is the perfect way to beautify your yard if you don’t have lots of grass or don’t want to mow. It can cover an entire area.

Landscaping Plans

When you decide to hire a landscaper, the first thing to do is access your yard together and talk about how you want the finished product to look. The professional should take measurements of the entire yard, suggest materials, and give a rough cost for the project. Additionally, the landscaper should be knowledgeable enough to tell you if you have an idea that won’t work. Try not to be unhappy if all your dreams aren’t possible – you may love the results even more than you thought!

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