Wisconsin winters are unpredictable. Snow falls fast and heavy. We battle wind drifts that cover doors. We fight through the slushy streets. We tiptoe on black ice. Our cars have scrapers and lock warmers. We keep dry shoes in the trunk. Wisconsinites know how to prepare for winter weather. But how do you know if your plow company is? In this blog, we share the questions to ask before hiring a company. The answers they give allow you to choose the best snow removal contractor for your commercial site. 


Is Your Company Fully Insured?


This is the most important qualifying question you can ask a potential snow removal company. If a company is not insured, move on. A company that is not bonded and insured puts you at risk. You are liable for any damage or injuries – to employees, guests, residents, and the contracted provider. Confirm the company’s coverage by obtaining proof of insurance. 


Furthermore, find out if the plow company is certified by a trustworthy industry association. This designation guarantees the company meets industry standards and follows best practices. Createscape Landscaping is fully insured and certified by ACSA (Accredited Snow Contractors Association) and SIMA (Snow and Ice Management Association). We are sub-contractor free, and our employees keep accurate records to protect you from accident claims. 


What is Your Response Time During Inclement Weather?


Monitoring the weather to stay ahead of the storm is the job of your snow removal company. Choose a company that has proven, effective communication with you and their staff. During a snow emergency, you should have 24/7 direct access to a designated point of contact. All of your questions and service needs should be addressed immediately, so you avoid costly shutdowns caused by snow or ice. 


At Createscape, we keep a full office staff during snow emergencies. Our staff uses GPS monitored plow equipment and two-way radio communication to guarantee constant communication. Our onsite fuel, bulk, and bag salt, spare vehicles, and equipment provide dependability and efficiency. Our parts warehouse and in-house mechanic gives customers peace of mind that, even in the event of a breakdown, their property will be taken care of quickly. 


What Services do You Provide?


Once you know a snow removal contractor is fully insured and provides consistent communication, ask about what services are included with snow removal. Do they stack up snow into piles, or can they load and remove it from your property? What kind of ice control do they offer? How often do they perform site rechecks to ensure the property remains clear of snow and ice? How large is their fleet? What other types of equipment do they use? 


Createscape will customize a snow removal plan for your commercial property. We have stacking and removal capabilities, store de-icers, perform routine site checks, and have an extensive fleet of trucks, plows, and loaders. 


About Createscape


Since 1993, Createscape has specialized in high-traffic sites including apartments, condos, and commercial and retail space. Located in Mukwonago, we service all of southeastern Wisconsin. When it comes to snow and ice removal, you can count on Createscape. Big or small, we can weather any storm.